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to ENGAGE your Customers

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Show your Products & Services
Teach Your Mission

Walls contain and define commercial and residential spaces.

What’s Possible….

You can highlight your messaging and brand. 
Spread your mission from room to room.

Bring your community together and define the space.
Set the mood for shopping, relaxing or creativity. 
Incorporate images, photographs, text. 

We use 3D effects that
demand a second look…and a stare…and evoke emotion.
Emotion Connects.

Be Original & Get Noticed

Missing opportunities
Connecting with employees and customers?

Customers & employees "Stroll" by & stop noticing your graphics?

"missed" opportunities connecting by not utilizing blank walls?

megaphone your brand message

Blank walls are your megaphone and canvas for communicating and connecting with your customers and employees.

How many CUSTOMERS don’t know:

  • What new products you offer?
  • Don’t understand your mission?
  • Don’t know your value proposition?

How many EMPLOYEES don’t know:

  • What’s coming up?
  • Don’t know key people?
  • Don’t feel valued?

People Notice Change and Newness

More details on this scientific psychological effect that humans have to notice change – “Habituation” More details

Use your Wall space as Billboard space!

  • Wall Possible showcases your brand information differently!
  • We live in a fast moving society.  Companies want people to “Stop the Scroll” when they are online.  But we are the only company that helps your brand be so engaging and changing that people “Stop the Stroll” as they walk past.
  • Take an inventory of the wall space you have available: That’s your Billboard space.
  • We work with you to create graphics that are interesting and engaging. 
  • We can incorporate:
    • Brand images
    • Mission Statements
    • New Products
    • Employee Highlights
    • Customer Reviews
  • Using the latest graphics and AI technology, your graphics can look 3D. 
  • We can also incorporate actual metal components for real 3D effects.
  • We help get the attention of your employees and customers.
  • The technology we use prints directly on your wall.
    • Traditional vinyl graphics and stickers require 2-4 WEEKS for underlying paint to dry before graphics can be applied. 
    • Our process needs 1 DAY!

Standard Model

  • ORIGINAL graphics on your schedule
  • Done until you call for update

Subscription Model

  • ORIGINAL graphics on your schedule
  • Innovative & Easy solution
  • Slogans
  • Logos
  • 3-D Like Graphics
  • Company Mission Statements
  • Educational Messages
  • Personalized Murals
  • Versatile

Custom designed
to meet your
unique project needs.

  • Future of wall decor with our groundbreaking Vertical Wall Printing technology.
  • Transcends traditional methods like vinyls, paint, and stencils.
  • Create stunning, custom images and mesmerizing Trompe-l’œil effects with unparalleled ease.
  • Ideal for personalizing spaces with logos or custom artwork.
  • Eco-friendly solution promises a cleaner, more sustainable way to transform your walls. 

Wall Graphics
Wall Stickers : Wall Decals

We Print Graphics
Directly on the wall

Graphics Problems?

  • Fed up with wasteful materials going to landfills?
  • Trying to get an innovative design?
  • Frustrated with time to get current vinyl material ordered and installed?
  • Disappointed seeing peeling, fading, and dirt?
  • Discouraged trying to find wall graphics that comply with health & safety codes?
impact color big

Vertical Wall Printing
Eco-Friendly Graphics

  • Vertical wall printing is an innovative & versatile technology. 
  • Transforms ordinary walls into captivating, customized, and visually engaging canvases.
  • Utilizes high-tech printing capabilities. 
  • Uses high-resolution graphics, images, and designs
  • Prints directly on interior or exterior walls.  
  • Prints on a wide range of materials: Drywall, Textured Surfaces, Wood, Metal, Brick, Glass

Additional Printing Surfaces


printing on concrete


printing on glass


printing on tile


printing on wood


printing on brick


printing on metal

Stand out Graphics

Clean Environment

No Waste

Versus stencils and vinyl backing materials

No chemicals

No solvents, thinners, glues on your wall.

New Technology

High-tech equipment

Expedited Process

Wall print 1 day after new paint vs weeks waiting before vinyl


Durable & Scratch-Resistant inks


Ink is vegan and ISO Certified

Industry Examples


vp factory


wp museum


wp hotel ski resort


wp residential


printing on tile


vertical printing universite of mn dragons


wp hospital


blending technology and art


vinyl wall decals alternative using vertical wall printing

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