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Integrating Vertical Wall Printing with
Metal Fabrication for Stunning 3D Environments

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3D Wall Art Design

Integrate metal pieces to create actual 3D design with 3D looking digital print graphics to create a truly unique and immersive experience in your space.

Immersive Environmental Design

Environmental design makes the user feel as though they have stepped into another world. It incorporates design elements of color, texture, structures.

Customized Interior Architecture

Interior architecture focuses on the functionality, structure and space-planning of interior spaces. Interior design focuses more on the aesthetics of these spaces.

Vertical Wall Printing

New technology that takes digital printing and prints graphics directly on the wall.  UV-cured inks so no toxic, no waste.

The obvious sustainable choice.

 We at Wall Possible provide wall graphics are uniquely qualified to combine wall graphics and metal structures in a space to create a unique and immersive environment that is both visually stunning and engaging. Sir Metalman is a sister product to Wall Possible.

How can we transform your space?

3D Wall Art Advantages

  1. Depth and Dimension: Creative wall graphics, such as logos, 3D effects, and murals add depth to your space. These graphics can create optical illusions or simply convey messages and images. When combined with metal structures, the effect is amplified. The metal adds a tangible, physical layer that interacts with the visual depth of the graphics, creating a multi-dimensional experience.

  2. Mood and Atmosphere: Wall graphics, especially when they include mood images, set a tone for the space. They can evoke emotions, convey messages, and create an ambiance that conveys a feeling. The addition of metal structures can complement and enhance these mood settings. For example, sleek, polished metal can add a modern, sophisticated touch, while rustic or patinated metal can give a space a more industrial or vintage feel.

  3. Texture and Material Interplay: The combination of different materials – the visual texture of wall graphics and the physical texture of metal – adds a level of complexity and richness to the environment. This interplay of materials can appeal to multiple senses, making the space more engaging and memorable.

  1. Customization and Uniqueness: Each wall graphic and metal structure can be customized, offering limitless possibilities for personalization. This means that every space can tell its own story, reflect its own identity, and create a unique experience. The customization allows for a truly original design that can represent the brand, the purpose of the space, or the personal taste of the owner.
  2. Synergy of Art and Architecture: This combination blurs the lines between art and architecture. Wall graphics provide the artistic flair, while metal structures contribute to the architectural integrity of the space. Together, they create a synergy that elevates the area from merely functional to a 3-dimensional work of art.
  3. Interactive and Dynamic Spaces: With the addition of lighting or other technological enhancements, these elements can create interactive environments. Lights reflecting off metal pieces can change the appearance of the graphics, and vice versa, creating a dynamic space that changes with the viewer’s perspective or with different times of the day.
3d wall art -combining wall graphics and metal

This custom lobby combines metal and graphics for a 3d wall art experience.  This installation was done for  Brausen Automotive in Arden Hills, MN.  The fabricated metal was mimicked off a photo of the original service station from the 1930s.  We recreated the old fashioned gas pumps, cars, light fixture, and building.  In the window of the old service station is an image of the owners parents, the original owners of the multi-generational business.

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