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Experiential Marketing: Create lasting Buzz

Before we offer a solution –

Let’s check out the problems.


Businesses & Retailers are facing difficulties connecting with their customers and bringing in NEW customers.

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Retailers and Businesses need to connect
Experiential Marketing connects

1. Customer Attention and Engagement

  • Attention Spans:
    With consumers constantly bombarded with information, capturing and retaining their attention is increasingly difficult. 
  • Content Overload:
    The vast amount of content available to consumers makes it challenging for retailers to “Stop the Scroll” and make their messages heard.

2. Digital channel Overload

  • Keeping Up with Technology:
    Rapid changes in technology require constant updates and investments in digital tools and platforms.
  • Integration of Channels:
    Ensuring a seamless experience across multiple channels (e.g., online, in-store, mobile) can be complex and resource-intensive.

3. Customer Loyalty and Retention

  • High Competition:
    The ease of online shopping and the vast number of options available make it challenging for retailers to build and maintain customer loyalty. Customers can easily switch to competitors, making it essential to differentiate and provide exceptional value.

Schedule a "Mural Magic Day"

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During our unique “Mural Magic Day”, we install the wall graphics on your wall.  This is a great opportunity to run a social media campaign so customers know to come to your building in-person – a big art-tech event is happening.

You can also do special deal to bring people in.  Create partnerships with other community businesses.  We can discuss more ideas for your specific application.

Create in-person experiences ....
and find your tribe

In this online world, people still crave the unique and old fashioned connections.

Hold in-store events so your customers have a reason to come.  Make it so memorable that they tell everyone about the unique experience they had.  Your business stays top of mind.

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Experiential Marketing

Think of these examples:

  • Favorite song
  • Dinner your mom made
  • Photo on your desk
  • Vacation postcard


What are you thinking? 

You are probably remembering a whole experience that may have nothing to do with the actual item.  Whenever I hear Jimmy Buffet, I am transported back to fun days on Cape Cod.  That photo on your desk is more than the people pictured – it brings up where you were, what you were doing, what you were feeling…and you remember!

Sensory Memory

The scientific term, sensory memory is the phenomenon where specific sensory inputs evoke memories.  Our memories are tied to our five senses:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell  

A specific input from one or more of these senses can evoke a memory.

Online marketing

Online marketing often involves scrolling of social media which primarily only engages visual and auditory senses.  It has the potential to evoke complex sensory memories by triggering associations but in today’s world of media overload, marketers are constantly fighting to “stop the scroll” so they can get their message seen.  

Offline Marketing

If your business or company structure has the advantage of a physical presence, you can use offline marketing.  Offline marketing is any type of marketing that doesn’t use the internet. 

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing focuses on creating immersive and interactive brand experiences that engage consumers and or employees on a deeper level. By leveraging emotional connections, personalization, social sharing, and multi-sensory engagement, brands can create memorable experiences that foster stronger customer relationships, enhance brand loyalty, and drive word-of-mouth promotion.

Experiential Marketing Disney Example

Comparison of amusement ride price

  • Disneyland Park – $109/day 
  • Mall of America Nickelodeon:  $50/day
  • Washington County Fair – $30/day

Intuitively, we know why we pay more for Disneyland than the county fair, but let’s break that down.

  • Disney offers themed immersion and storytelling.  People connect the ride to a movie experience or a nostalgic story from childhood that they remember.  Local fairgrounds are just providing a ride.
  • Disney offers state of the art and cutting edge technology rides and cool graphics.  At the fairgrounds, people maybe unsure of the ride mechanics.
  • Disney offers exceptional guest services with fairy princesses and helpful guides to manage their site.  The fairgrounds employ temporary help and they are not in costume.
  • Disney produces an emotional connection to childhood memories and beloved stories.  Fairgrounds, although fun and quintessential small town do not provide the depth of experiences.

Bottomline, Disneyland provides a comprehensive, high-quality, and immersive experience that justifies its higher cost compared to a county fair.   

How can your Business use Experiential Marketing

  • Provide a unique and valuable experience for your clients and you too will have a memorable brand.
  • Experiences are unique, personal and memorable.
  • Genuinely connect an experience to your product, service, or company.
    Isn’t that the point of marketing – to be identified and remembered?

Wall Possible can help you achieve
an experiential connection to your
customers & employees.

Picture this:

We create an art tech combo, in-person event at your facility.  It’s promoted on social media.  Your clients are engaged and eagerly anticipating something innovative and revolutionary. Your company, product, or service is already being talked about, creating buzz before anything has even happened.

The scheduled time for the event arrives – people are excited, wondering what the next big thing will be.

Yes, it’s a wall graphic, but not just any graphic.

Our wall graphics offer a unique marketing experience. Imagine the magic as our advanced graphic machine travels across the wall, transforming a blank space into impactful visuals.  We can print pictures, 3D looking images, text.  We use a vertical printer and UV-cured ink to transform your plain wall into an innovative billboard.

Retail businesses can post their mission statement, new product images, seasonal line, trackable QR codes.

Companies looking to engage their employees at new levels can post employee of the month, company mission, quarterly goals.

Open up the possibilities – we can print anything on your walls.

Your new messaging is now tied to a memorable experience that everyone is excited to witness and feel part of. People will remember the message and the event, talking about it and sharing your marketing message.

This becomes a collective experience, merging art and technology.
This is experiential marketing.

Wall Possible will “set the stage” for your marketing message.

We transform the tedious task of ordering graphics and scheduling installations into an engaging company event. Not only will you receive more impactful graphics with our design capabilities, but you’ll also create an engaging experience for both employees and customers. 

Your marketing team will have the opportunity to run a fun, social media-worthy event both in person and online. Plus, it’s just plain fun to watch the graphics magically appear on the walls.

Let WallPossible make your next marketing campaign an unforgettable experience.

Combine with our Subscription Wall Graphics. Read the benefits to subscription and staying top of mind.

Source about Experiential Marketing from Harvard Business Review article: Welcome to the Experience Economy
by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore

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Wall Possible can create impactful brand images for an immersive journey
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