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Experiential Workplace
Bring Employees Back

Experiential Workplace to Bring Employees Back

Before we offer a solution – let’s check out the problems.


Companies are researching how to make employees return to work. 
Every person who has tried to get a 3 year old to do something, finds making them do it is not the best solution.  

Create spaces that employees WANT
that are experiential based

  • Create a variety of office space environments based on use.
  • Quiet room for concentration tasks
  • Interesting space for group meetings
  • Personalized space for desk/computer area
  • WallPossible can create text, pictures, special effects to keep your staff focused. 
experiential workplace helping bring employees back
experiential workplace helping bring employees back employee plants

We combine technology & art for amazing wall graphics. 

We do this in the MOST eco-friendly way using vertical wall printing.  We print directly on the wall so NO vinyls, overlays, stickers, glue, toxic smells.

Experiential Offices: Redefine Work Culture

5 Ways to Create an Experiential Workplace to Attract Employees Back to the Office

Creating an experiential workplace can significantly enhance employee engagement and motivation, making the office a place where they want to be. Here are five strategies to achieve this, including the use of a “billboard type wall” with periodically updated graphics:

1. Dynamic “Billboard Wall” with Changing Graphics

  • Periodic Updates: Designate a “Billboard Wall” that updates regularly with new graphics, company news, motivational quotes, and employee achievements. This keeps the content fresh and engaging, providing employees with something new for continued engagement.

2. “Mural Magic Day” – When Tech and Art Come Together

  • Watch the Graphics Update: Start the day by gathering employees to watch the new graphics being applied to the wall using the vertical wall printer. This can be a moment of communal excitement and anticipation.

3. Monthly Team Building Exercises

  • Forge Better Partnerships: Organize regular team-building exercises to strengthen relationships and improve collaboration within and between departments. Activities could include problem-solving challenges, outdoor adventures, or creative workshops.
  • Incorporate Fun Elements: Include games and friendly competitions that encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

4. Innovation Showcases

  • Spotlight Employee Innovations: Dedicate a space where employees can showcase their projects, ideas, or inventions. This can include prototypes, artwork, or any creative work they are proud of.
  • Regular Presentations: Host monthly or quarterly innovation days where employees can present their work and receive feedback and recognition from their peers.

5. Wellness Workdays

  • Focus on Health and Well-being: Dedicate one day a week to health and wellness activities. This could include yoga sessions, meditation classes, or workshops on mental health and stress management.
  • Healthy Snacks and Breaks: Provide healthy snacks and encourage employees to take regular breaks to recharge and relax.


Creating an experiential workplace involves blending creativity, technology, and wellness to foster a dynamic and engaging environment. By implementing these strategies, you can attract employees back to the office, making it a place where they feel inspired and connected. Have fun with the process and your employees are sure to feel the  excitement.

WallPossible will work with your team to create a 1 time company Billboard Wall or to really make a great company culture, we can work together to create periodic new displays to keep the office activities fresh.

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