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Revolutionizing the Graphics Industry

Vertical Wall Printing

Graphics Industry Shakeup

Don’t miss the biggest change happening to the graphics industry!

This groundbreaking technology is transforming the world of commercial graphics – Vertical Wall Printing. This novel approach isn’t just a new tool in the designer’s kit; it’s offering a paradigm shift on the whole process.

Revolutionizing the Graphics Industry

What is Vertical Wall Printing?

Vertical wall printing is a technology that enables direct printing of digital images onto vertical surfaces. Think of a giant inkjet printer, but instead of paper, the canvas is your wall and instead of horizontal – it’s printing vertical. This technique uses specialized machines that  move vertically and horizontally across a wall, printing the chosen digital with precision and speed.

Machine Engineered Change

Once, you see the process, it seems so obvious – why print something on a material then affix that material on a wall as compared to just print your design directly on the wall. 

Vertical wall printers are marvels of modern engineering. There’s X-Y-Z movement of the print head across the wall. There’s really no limit to the size of your graphic as it just keeps moving on the track. The ink is propelled horizontally on to the wall instead of a gravity feed onto paper.

Ultraviolet (UV) inks that dry instantly upon exposure to UV light, allow for almost instant drying of your graphics. The printers are equipped with sophisticated sensors to handle uneven surfaces, ensuring consistent quality regardless of the wall’s texture.

Unparalleled Creative Freedom

The primary way vertical wall printing is changing the game is through its boundless creative potential. Unlike traditional methods such as wallpaper or hand-painting, vertical printing allows for intricate designs with a vast spectrum of colors and photorealistic images.  It’s not constrained with a rectangular print area.  Designers are incorporating the newest software innovation, creating special effects to wow the users of the space.

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Eco-Friendly Sustainable Approach 

In an age where sustainability is crucial, vertical wall printing offers a greener alternative. Traditional wall graphics, wall stickers, and decals print on some substrate – from eco-unfriendly PVC vinyl, and even alternative materials – it’s still creating extra material that is waste and will go to the landfills. 

Vertical printers use low voc inks as opposed to toxic type paints and chemicals used in other installations.

If LEEDS certification is an environmental program you are adhering to for sustainability sake and even tax cost savings included in these programs, it is worth seeing what improvements can be made due to direct wall printing.

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Traditional wall decoration methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. The print itself must be printed on some machine, then shipped to the end user.  Problems especially show up on large installations, matching of seems, and trying to adhere the substrate to a textured and uneven wall.

Many new buildouts need to follow an interconnected schedule of construction work.  Fresh wall paint needs 2 weeks to dry and fully cure before traditional wall graphics can be applied.  Vertical printers can start the day after painting.


Once the graphics are on the wall – again, the vertical printer method presents a better product.  Other wall graphics peel, rip, attract dirt and germs in the crevices, pucker, show seems and wall irregularities.  The wall printer inks directly on the wall so there are none of the traditional type issues.   

The ink resist fading and wear, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Furthermore, vertical wall printers can work on various surfaces, including plaster, brick, concrete, metal, and glass offering versatility unmatched by traditional methods.

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The Future is UP…Vertically

As we step into the future, looking for innovative sustainable products and processes, vertical wall printing stands at the forefront of the commercial graphics revolution. It aligns with the growing demand for personalized, sustainable, and high-quality design solutions in commercial spaces. From retail environments to corporate offices, the impact of this technology is vast and still unfolding.

Print Advancement Revolution

Vertical wall printing is not just an advancement in printing technology; it’s a leap towards a more creative, efficient, and sustainable future in commercial graphics. This innovation changes the industry and enrich our visual space.  As this technology continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the world of wall graphics will never be the same again.  Take a look at for examples of graphics being used worldwide.

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