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Vertical Printing FAQ

Vertical wall printing is a cutting-edge technology that allows for printing of digital images directly onto a vertical surfaces like a wall, glass, metal, concrete.

It’s the only sustainable wall graphic solution.

This technology uses specialized printers that instead of moving on top of paper like your traditional printer, it moves vertically and horizontally across a wall while printing the design directly onto the wall.

It’s magical to watch- at first there is no print on the wall, than as the printer moves across, there is your desired image!

  1. Its advantages includes the ability to print complex digital designs with ease. 
  2. No material waste as opposed to traditional vinyl type applications which have disposable material during manufacture of the print plus the actual print when it needs to be thrown away to the landfills. 
  3. No toxic or stinky chemicals like wall decals, stickers, vinyls and paint.  The wall printer uses low voc-ink which is uv-cured so it dries instantly.


Think about it- we print a digital file directly on the wall with eco-friendly ink. 
All other wall graphic products print on some material – sometimes PVC vinyl (not nice) or they claim “green” but still print on another material which then ends up in a landfill (also not nice).

We use eco-friendly inks. and produce no waste. Plus, the process is less resource-intensive, making it a greener option.

It’s versatile.

Besides regular walls, we print on surfaces like glass, metal, and even textured walls, as long as the surface is relatively flat.

We can print for inside or outside applications.  We may add a UV protective coating for outside to stand up to the UV rays of the sun.

If in doubt – just ask.


Inside prints last up to 12 years.  Outside 2-4 years.

Wall printing has no tearing or peeling like applied products will always have.

Since we print on your wall – however you clean you wall, works for your wall print.

The inks are low-voc (volatile organic compound), UV-resistant and eco-friendly.

They’re specially formulated to adhere well to various surfaces and to resist fading.

Our printer head contains 2 uv curing lights – so the inks are dried instantly as it prints.

It’s cost-effective.

Compared to traditional wall decals, both have image design fees – or your in house staff can provide ready print files.

Traditional printing requires time and cost of printing at some facility plus the shipping and handling expense to get it to your site.
Vertical printing= no cost

Traditional printing or painting a mural require time and charge for installation. The bigger the prints, the costs go exponentially higher due to seem matching and handling of large glued sheets.
Vertical printing does require time on site to print.  We have the advantage of knowing and conveying a good estimate of how long that will be.  We calculate time figure based on print size, complexity, and speed – all variables we know before we come to your facility.

* LEEDS certification costs benefit
There may be huge cost savings if the facility getting the print can show environmental impact savings by using the sustainable wall printer!!

For facilities going through LEEDS certification, there is strong benefits and often tax savings to using vertical printing compared to traditional graphics.

There are cost savings if the facility getting the print can show environmental impact savings by using the sustainable wall printer!!

BONUS: We all prefer smaller landfills
~ Thank you

It’s relatively quick.

The exact time depends on the complexity and size of the design.

It’s significantly faster than manual painting or large scale issues of traditional graphics.

It’s revolutionizing the US market by offering a more efficient, sustainable, and creative way of producing wall graphics.

It’s setting new standards for quality and innovation in commercial spaces.

The wall printing machine originated in Japan in 2006.  

There have been continuous development and improvements and utilization of new technologies that were not available at the start.

At Wall Possible, we use the best machine on the market and have engineering staff that excel at developing and using the applications.


The vertical wall printer can create 3D “looking” prints.  A vertical wall printer is NOT a 3D printer.

With the new developments in software, we create really amazing 3D looking graphics that will add a WOW-factor to your space.

Wall Possible works with our other division, Sir Metalman – a metal fabricator.  So, YES – Wall Possible CAN create an actual 3D environment for your space combining 3D looking graphics and actual 3D components that create a cohesive space.

That’s one of its biggest strengths. It can be tailored to fit any brand’s identity or thematic requirement, making it ideal for businesses looking to make a unique visual impact.

Vertical printing is new & we welcome your questions.

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