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Old Way
Using Vinyl, Wall Decals, Wall Stickers

  • Plastics, PVC
  • Print on Vinyl
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    Modern Way
    Using Vertical Wall Printing

  • U-V Cured ink
  • Directly on wall
  • Vinyl Wall Decals & Stickers

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    Wall Printing:

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    Vertical Printing Advantages compared to Vinyl

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    1. Customization and Detail:
      • Vertical wall printing allows for intricate, high-resolution designs and photographs, providing a level of detail that vinyl cannot match.
    2. Seamless Installation and Removal:
      • Vertical printing can create seamless and large-scale designs without unsightly seams, providing a cohesive and visually pleasing appearance.
    3. Durability and Maintenance:
      • Vertical wall printing often utilizes durable materials and UV-cured inks, making it resistant to wear, fading, and scratching, suitable for high-traffic areas.
    4. Texture and Material Options:
      • Vertical printing can be done on a wide range of materials, including those with various textures and finishes. This allows clients to achieve the desired look and feel, whether it’s a smooth, matte, or textured surface, enhancing the aesthetics of the graphics.
    1. Sustainable:Wall printing uses low VOC UV-cured inks.  Vinyl is PVC plastic components that have added a lot of waste material to our landfills.
    2. Easy Maintenance: Maintenance of vertical prints is straightforward. They can be cleaned with mild solutions, ensuring that the graphics remain pristine over time. In contrast, vinyl coverings may require more delicate care to prevent damage.
    3. Amazing Images: Vertical wall printing uses advanced digital printing technology that can reproduce high-resolution images with exceptional precision and detail. This means that intricate designs, fine lines, and small text are rendered with clarity, ensuring that the graphics are visually stunning.

    Warnings about Environmental Toxins

    Vinyl adherring problems:

    Specified in 3M Science Paper:
    Graphic Films Meet Low VOC Paints:

    It’s the biggest challenge many installers are facing today: Graphic films are not adhering to painted surfaces as reliably as they once did.

    Paints that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are now the most commonly available wall paint. These newer paint formulations are being driven by laws intended to help protect the environment – something we can all appreciate. However, the new paint formulations have reduced how well a film’s adhesive can adhere to a painted wall. Because the paint formulations are protected by trade secrets, it is difficult for any film manufacturer to understand how film adhesives interact with these paints.

    Schools Concerned with Toxins

    EPA Reference Guide

    Indoor air quality for schools-Reference Guide

    Chapter: Solving IAQ ProblemsSource substitution – Replacing pollutant sources. Examples include selecting less- or non-toxic art materials or interior paints.

    Page 25

    Green Building:
    Alternatives to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Building Materials for Health Care

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